Jennifer Strong, Psy.D                                                                                                                             
Licensed Psychologist
 jennifer (at) jenniferstrong (dot) com
Central Square, Cambridge, Mass.                                                                                                                     
Insurance and Payment

I provide therapy on a fee-for-service basis and I take some insurance plans. 

My current fee is $250 for the first session and $200 for subsequent sessions. All sessions are 55 minutes long.

I  also accept the following insurance plans:

Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO and Indemnity 

Blue Cross/Blue Shield HMO (Managed Care Behavioral Health Network)

I do not accept MassHealth or Medicare plans. 

If you have a PPO plan from another company, I can help you seek reimbursement of some portion of my fees from your insurance company.

Payment by cash or check is due at the beginning of each session unless other arrangements have been made with me. Please note that I do not accept credit cards. 

In most cases I charge my full fee for missed sessions or those cancelled with less than 48 business hours notice.

Navigating Your Insurance Benefits

If you have any questions about your insurance, contact your insurance company directly via their customer service number. The department that handles mental health benefits is often called "behavioral health." 

Here are some useful questions to ask when you call:

Is my plan an HMO or PPO?

What is my copayment or coinsurance?

Do I have a deductible? How much per calendar year? Have I already met some portion of it?

Must I or my therapist get sessions preauthorized?

Is there any limit to the number of sessions I may receive in a calendar year? If there are limits, on what are they based?